05 September 2011

3-day weekend for the win!

246/365 - Baiting his hook with a worm.
  246_365 09-03-11 copy
Saturday we took Adam out to Hagg Lake Saturday to break in his fishing pole.  Shortly after reaching the bottom of this hill Carus was stung by a bee or bit by a bee, which pretty much ruined her day - drama queen.  She is better now
09-03-11 (1)

09-03-11 (8)

Trying another spot.  Even though it appeared Adam and Gramma were getting bites we didn't get a fish.  We think we had a fish or two stealing the bait but not getting caught on the hook.
09-03-11 (11)

Gramma fishing.  Hagg Lake is close-by and fishing season lasts until October-ish so I'm sure we'll get another shot.
09-03-11 (10)

After lunch Adam's friend (not pictured) came over for a sleepover and we went to Big Al's for some arcade fun.
09-03-11 (22)

Carus driving - and having trouble reaching the pedals.
09-03-11 (25)

 247/365 - Time for Grandpa Alan's annual Labor Day weekend company picnic. We get to tag along each year and get some free food and have some fun.  The company hires a clown for the kids and rent a bouncy house, its fun. Goofing around with balloon animals.
247_365 09-04-11

Burger - YUM!
09-04-11 (1)

09-04-11 (5)

Ice cream cone - YUM!
09-04-11 (30)

248/365 - In case you didn't know, puppies do not really help with sweeping. I got a bonus day off today for Labor Day (whoop whoop) and I spent the morning forcing getting the kids to help me do some cleaning.  It didn't take long after I put Leia in her kennel.  The rest of the day was dinking around, getting Adam's school supplies together and organized in his bag, getting Carus's school work and books together for Wednesday (Back2School time), making dinner, and baking some banana chocolate chip muffins.
248_365 09-05-11

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