02 September 2011

Happy 13th Birthday Adam!

245/365 - A little Before & After. 
245_365 Before & After

Before - The first picture was taken when he was in Kindergarten. The kids were to pick something out of a box as a prop for the picture that represented their dad - sports stuff, fishing stuff, etc. Adam chose fishing stuff. Robert had never taken him fishing or talked about fishing, or gone fishing that Adam knew of (he had gone with his Grandpa when he was a kid), but for some reason, Adam chose fishing. This photo has lived on our fridge since 2004 when Robert received it - and I hope it always does.
After - 7 years later. His grandparents took him fishing this summer and he started asking for a fishing pole for his birthday. Gramma and Grandpa Alan got him the pole, and I knew it was coming. One evening last week as I was getting something from the fridge, I saw the kindergarten picture and I was determined to recreate it as best I could.  4 stores later, I finally found a fishing vest (well if you don't count the $120 one with 2 pockets).  It's not the color I wanted, but it worked. I couldn't find the hat.  Later on I looked at 2 more stores and still nothing (also if you don't count the $77 one, and I don't cause IT'S A HAT!).  Then, Robert went back to the store I found the vest in and he found the hat.

We are going to go fishing tomorrow morning.  In the afternoon he has a friend coming over and then we will go to the arcade, come back for pizza and ice cream cake, and he'll have a sleep over.

I was going to put up some baby pictures of Adam too - but if I pull those out I will definitely start bawling, so I'll quit while I'm ahead and just tearing up.

I am so proud of the wonderful young man he is and I'm so excited for all he has ahead of him.

Holy shit!  I am officially the mother of a teenager now.

His favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip and I made him an ice cream cake.  Oreo cookie crust, ice cream, chocolate cake, ice cream.  The whip cream decoration actually started melting moments after this picture...well kinda the second after I put it on it started melting.  Apparently the cold ice cream is not good for whip cream...  If I make another ice cream cake I might look into icing instead.  And those are grasshopper cookies broken in half.

Gramma got a little creative with the wrapping of the fishing pole and put it in "A" box.
09-02-11 004

One of the few times when they are truly getting along and actually look like they love each other.   Really though, they do get along like 80% of the time.
09-02-11 044

Blowing out the candles.
09-02-11 051

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  1. Happy Birthday Adam!
    I love the re-creating picture idea. I always want to do that. But I get so lazy...and I am so far from the rest of my family. Infact there is a picture of us swinging on the swing at Granny's... me, you, Emma, BJ, Jessica and I think Shane. I really want to re-create that one!!!!!

    Also, I hope you shared some of that cake for me.


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