09 September 2011

First day of school and then some...

Or more appropriately, first week of school.

 250/365 - First day of 7th grade and can't be bothered with first day photo... First day of school 2011 250_365 09-07-11

 Oh wait, maybe he can.
  First day of school 2011

Adam's bus didn't show up Wednesday and I had to take him to school. I had switched shifts with a coworker so I could start later and be available without worrying about being late for work since I was kind of expecting this as they didn't show up his first day last year.  Obviously, a good idea.  I think they missed him because only 7th graders and new students started Wednesday so they would have an easier time finding their way around a new school. He was the new student in a 5th/6th school last year.

I called the bus company to make sure they would show up the next day (they did) and at one point said, “we were out there 5 minutes early and stayed 15 minutes after scheduled time. Well, he was. I’m not allowed to go with him.” Bus company lady snorted. Yeah, that.

I'm trying hard not to be embarrassing but at the same time, I want to embarrass the shit out of him.

After dropping him off at school and making sure I didn't embarrass him by yelling out "Mommy loves you sweetums", even though I really wanted to, I decided to get a coffee shop coffee. I went to a local small drive-thru coffee shop.  I don't regularly get to have a coffee shop coffee since I work from home and my commute only takes my by my kitchen and not Starbucks (one corner they aren't on). This also turned out to be a great idea. Not only was I able to get my coffee and Carus a hot chocolate for $2 less than I would have at Starbucks, but she threw in doggy biscuits for Yoda (who got to go bye byes with us) and little cinnamon rolls for Carus and I for free. The doggy biscuits are a common thing to get for free, but still, he was happy. Also, I got an iced coffee (our weather has been in the 90s all week) and I found out that she uses coffee to make the ice cubes. Instead of my coffee getting watered down I got more coffee! SCORE!

I told this to Robert all amazed and everything and he looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "Uh, yeah that's a good idea, but it's not new. I used to do it with my Kool-Aid as a kid." And yes I know it is done for other drinks, and I've done it myself; however, it's not a common thing for coffee shops to do so be amazed with me. Can you tell he isn't a coffee drinker?

First day of 4th grade.
First day of school 2011

Carus’s school work started out beautifully, except her speakers weren’t loud enough and we couldn’t get the volume up no matter what we tried. We worked through it and did okay. She got all her Scantron testing (assessments required by the state) done and out of the way (until spring when she does them again), but did dally a little with the math testing and tripled the amount of time she had to spend on it. I think it taught her a lesson though, she has to be more responsible for her time and if she goofs off even a little it sucks.

When Robert came home I told him about the speakers and asked him to fix it. He checked several settings, deemed it okay, then not okay, then just needs updated drivers for speakers, then what in the world, then – oh, they came halfway unplugged.

Sad part is, I thought about checking to see if they were partially unplugged and thought, “nah, that can’t be it.” Lesson learned universe. Lesson learned.

The rest of her school is a learning process for both of us and while Thursday was better than Wednesday, and today was better than yesterday, the week was just a smidge exhausting. And it was only 3 days. I'm confident once we get the hang of this new way of school we'll both sail through each day and week easily, and frankly, that's all that is keeping me going right now. I'm spent.

251/365 - Seen in my yard - butterfly on my lavender. 251_365 09-08-11

Same butterfly, different side, different processing. Isn't it creepy looking? 09-08-11 (4) copy2

To top things off, work has been super fun lately! Both literally and sarcastically. We have a lot of work leading to a lot of over-time, I've been running an educational quality control process, and we have been working towards adding a new facility. (Yay expansion and Yay job security!) After the start date for the new facility had been moved back three times we found out Tuesday that it would start Wednesday morning. That was FUN! There is always an adjustment period with new things, there's just a lot of new to take in all at once. The educational project has been great and I'm learning more running it then if I wasn't.

252/365 - Leia. I was holding a pine cone up so she wouldn't come try to lick the camera. Again.
252_365 09-09-11

Note: Reminder for Race for the Cure in 9 days - Please read, donate (if you can) and pass on this link:

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