17 April 2012


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Silly puppy.

If you chew up the frisbee you won't be able to play catch with it.

Leia has always been a little bit of a scared-y cat - but the other day while running around outside she was startled by a snake and it has been getting worse since.

Two days ago, there was a little garter snake sunning himself in the backyard and when Leia got a little close he escaped quickly under the back fence.  She didn't see what disappeared so quickly and that freaked her out.  She barked at the fence for 15 minutes before we could get her to calm down.

A few hours later Robert picked up a loaf of bread and the crinkling of the plastic scared Leia - again with the barking.

Last week Robert went around and put little pieces of blue painters tape all over the walls marking spots that need patched up or re-patched after a poor patch job.  Last night, Leia noticed a clump of these blue pieces of tape.  It took us 10 minutes for us to get her to stop barking at the walls.

And then it was bedtime.

Leia's bed is on my side of the bed because she has (naturally because I spend all day with her) attached herself to me, and when I plugged my cell phone into the charger, the cord again freaked Leia out and she refused to lay down.

After one more trip outside to hopefully distract her, she seemed okay and wandered towards the living room couch, where she occasionally sleeps, so I just headed to bed.  I had just got comfortable when I had to rush out to rescue her from the big, bad.... towel sitting on the coffee table.

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