23 April 2012


114_366 04-23-12

Did a little photo shoot with Carus this afternoon.  She poses so well.  She knows exactly what I want with very little words from me. She also knows how to help diminish the glasses glare, though there was some.

04-23-12 007 copy2

I convinced her to let me take a few photos with her glasses on though she isn't extremely comfortable with them. It helped that I told her I would take a few without them as well.

04-23-12 013 copy

I love her new glasses, though stunned. I feel like they make her look years older and I'm not ready.  I'm not ready for her actual age, I don't need her older!

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  1. She is beautiful, With or without the glasses, She is growwing up so fast. I am so proud of her. Thanks for sending these. B.V.


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