22 April 2012

Weekend 366s and more

Spring hit Oregon in full force this weekend.  Gorgeous sunny weather with temps on Saturday in the high 70s and today was 80s.  80s!!!

We've been working in the yard all weekend and we're all a little pink.

Saturday we:

  • The kids and I did grocery shopping for the week.
  • I mowed the lawns.
  • Robert redid the steps to the back yard.
  • We all had a little BBQ with the neighbors.
  • Robert tilled up the side yard where we had the tree removed, part is going to be our garden the other part will eventually be Robert's workshop/shed.  The garden will be going in in a few weeks.
  • Carus and I went out to the barn with a friend Saturday to spend some time with horses and do horsie chores.
113_366 04-21-12

Sunday, today, we didn't do much, just start a redo on the front garden bed.  Last year we pulled out the plants that were in there and that left a bed full of river rocks.  Today, Robert and I went to a garden nursery and picked out a few plants and picked up some garden soil.  Then, we came home and we all dug all those river rocks out of that bed (and there were a lot!) and tilled it up.  After all that work in the hot hot sun we were pooped out and it was dinner time so I'll plant the plants tomorrow.  We have a couple more days of sun and temps in the 70s forecasted before the rains return.  Hopefully, just for a little bit.

112_366 04-22-12
Timmy has been enjoying the sun too.

04-22-12 (14)
It's officially spring when I have to start rescuing snakes from Simba.  This photo was taken with my phone, using Instagram

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