25 April 2012


116_366 04-25-12
Apple blossoms

Last night when I went to bed, I thought I had a few moments to read so I switched on my bedside lamp and found this little guy.  He was TEENY! Almost cute... if he wasn't a spider.

04-25-12 009 copy

Spiders freak me out. I respect them. I am fascinated by them. But they still freak me out and in their presence I become the biggest wimp ever.

I almost wish I had noticed this little guy earlier yesterday so I could count him as my 366. Or that it was the next day, but I wouldn't have been able to sleep knowing he was there (and his little friend I found moments later), nor could I stay up past midnight to get the shot for 366.  And I try not to be a cheater (at least all the time).

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