08 April 2012

Weekend 366s again

97_366 04-06-12
97:366 Say aahhhh!

 98_366 04-07-12
Painting Easter eggs with Carus. I was doing some dottery on mine. We were painting with food coloring. This was taken with my new cell phone and processed with the Instagram app.

99_366 04-08-12
Sitting down to Easter dinner.  Roast beef, potatoes romanoff, gramma green beans, and deviled eggs. And it was good.

Yesterday and today was GLORIOUS! outside.  So nice and sunny and WARM!  YAY Spring!

I had to break out the shorts today when I quickly got hot doing yard work.  Yup, I did yard work on Easter. It was just too nice to not be outside.  After mowing the lawns, I planted a few plants in the backyard, the first of many to be planted this year.

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