15 April 2012

104 and 105 of 366

104_366 04-13-12

I went out the Fernhill Wetlands Friday evening to check it out.  I had never been there before and I was participating in a photo scavenger hunt on Saturday with the wetlands as one of the subjects and I wanted a sneak peak.  It was lovely and very quiet and I was rewarded with a lovely pink sunset, though this photo doesn't really do it justice.

Saturday after errands and such and such, Robert went with me back out the wetlands.  I wanted more sunset shots, hoping for another gorgeous one.  And while the sunset wasn't pink it was gorgeous.

105_366 04-14-12

Here in Forest Grove, we have this businessman who can frequently be seen sitting on a bench near the library reading his newspaper.  He rarely seems to move.

Yesterday, we saw him again on our way to the library to restock our reading material and Adam gave a little peak over his shoulder to see what he was reading.  I think he saw something interesting and pointed it out to make sure the guy saw it too.

04-14-12 (3) copy

Adam is such a good sport.

Another view of the businessman.  There is really writing on that paper.  The newspaper has a 1970s date.
04-14-12 (5) copy

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  1. WoW!! Great pictures! The pictures of the silouhettes look awesome. The man reading is pretty cool too. thanks B.V.


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