28 April 2012


118_366 04-28-12

Carus and her birthday-girl friend.

The party was today at Skateworld and it was loads of fun, until Carus fell one too many times and hurt her wrist. She was crying because it hurt, but cried more when I suggested it was time to go.  I iced it there and all the way home, then wrapped it with an ace bandage to make her feel better. We are waiting to see how she is doing tomorrow before we decide if we need to go to the doctor.  She can move her arm, wrist, hand, fingers, etc. so Robert really doubts she broke it.

I, however, am a paranoid worry-wort so of course I think she broke it and it's going to heal incorrectly and she'll be forever damaged.  Or it will get infected and fall off. (Cause that makes sense.)

I just worry I'm making the wrong decision waiting.  What if it is broken and I'm making her wait to get it taken care of?  (Because KNOWING the bone is broken is going to make all the difference.) I'm ruining her life or her arm. It's her right wrist and she's right-handed. Ohmygod,I'mcripplingmychild! (Again, that makes sense.)

She probably just jammed it catching herself with her hand and bruised the bones in her wrist, where most of the pain is, or at the very very most has a teeny crack in one of the bones.

WAIT AND SEE!  Aagghh!

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  1. Good Picture, But in my opinion...... Dont wait take Carus to the doctor, It is better to find out what is wrong(if anything) then to find out later, I have heard that if someone breaks their arm or wrist or whatever, If it stays that way then the doctor has to Re-break it so that it can be set the right way so they can cast it. That from what i have heard is extremely painful, Yicks!!! This is not one of those"If it aint broke" then dont fix it things" Hope all goes well and that she is o.k. Love you guys


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