21 November 2012

Blue skies

326_366 11-20-12


The calm after the storm and what makes all the rain easy to handle.

We had a storm come in with rain blowing sideways and wind gusts so strong poor Simba was nearly blown away when he tried to go outside. Our power flickered a few times, but it never stayed off long; there have been tree limbs and a few trees around that have fallen, but none of ours; and there is flooding in some areas, but we aren't flooding.

The clear sky didn't last long before the storm returned for a slightly weaker encore.

I heard something about the Portland metro area getting 4 inches of rain in October, and we've already out-rained that in November, but don't quote me on that. I'm sure the numbers are off somehow.  I was thinking we were going to get a cold winter with lots of snow, but now I'm thinking it's just going to be soggy.

Just as long as the sun comes out every now and then. . .

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