12 November 2012

Fall cleaning...

Some people do spring cleaning; apparently, I do fall cleaning.  So far I've cleaned out and organized the living room (easiest room), Robert did Adam's room, and this Saturday, I did Carus's room.


We removed her desktop computer and desk since it was for homeschooling and exchanged her small bookshelf for a larger one. We got rid of 5 grocery sacks of garbage (silly child apparently can't find a garbage can), and gave Goodwill one LARGE box and bag of toys.

We were able to create a little reading corner out of her little blue chair that she didn't use much before and hung an Ikea canopy that we got for her like a year ago but never got around to putting up for her.  I hung Command hooks (3M Command Meduim Hooks, 2/pk (Google Affiliate Ad)) on the side of her bookshelf to hang her hats from.

316_366 11-10-12

Sunday was going to be for yard work, but it got all rainy and icky out so after I went to Joann's (woohoo sale!) and the grocery store I stayed inside and hung out.

317_366 11-11-12 copy

Silly Leia monkey puppy.

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  1. Hey,Great job on Carus's room. Thanks


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