30 November 2012

Finally the end of the week

Thursday 11/29/12

335_366 11-29-12

Carus's first molars on the bottom on both sides are still baby teeth and were refusing to come out on their own.  The adult teeth were still trying to come out and that was causing a lot of discomfort.  So she had to have them pulled.  I had tried to downplay the pain and discomfort she would experience to keep her from getting anxious and she was surprised when the needle went in for the numbing and I feel bad.  It would have been worse if she was anxious about it as well.  They got it as numb as they could and popped those babies out quickly.  Start to finish was probably no more than 10 minutes. The poor thing cried and shook, but she didn't squirm and bravely made it through the ordeal.  Her mouth is still sore, and she is hungry because she is having problems eating, but she is doing good.

Friday 11/30/12

Cute puggy dog.

336_366 11-30-12

I'm so done with this week. My butt/hip still hurts, Robert and I got in an argument the other day, I got sick yesterday (something I ate? a bug? it was Thursday?), I'm getting a cold sore, and I'm completely exhausted.

I hope next week likes me more than this one has.

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  1. OMG! You have had a really rough week. I hate those cold sores too. They are the worst. Proud of Carus too Thanks for sharing BV


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