06 November 2012

Happy Election Day!

312_366 11-06-12Well maybe.  It depends if your guy wins or loses, huh?

It is silly that it has come down to basically a two party race. There are so many more candidates on the ballot, are they truly considered?


Carus's bus driver decided she wanted to get the kids to school a little earlier than she had and changed the pickup time to 10 minutes earlier (20 minutes if you count in she was never on time).  Today was the first day of the new pickup and with it I had time to take the dogs for a little walk.  It wasn't long, or fast (Yoda insists on sniffing and peeing/trying to pee on every 5 feet), but it was nice to get a little walk in.  Most of the leaves have changed and fallen so walks get to involve kicking up leaves.  Lots of pretty colorful leaves to walk through.

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  1. Nice picture , Pretty fall colors.


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