16 November 2012

End of the week


Walking together to the bus stop in the fog.
320_366 11-14-12

The fog burnt off late morning and the day was sunny and warm with just a bite of cool fall air.  As the sun was setting, the fog moved back in.  There were two banks of clouds split allowing the last streaks of sun to show between them; the lower bank just covered the houses at the bottom of the hill.

11-14-12 (3) copy

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321_366 11-15-12

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Last day of work this week, and last day before my vacation, and it started out with a bang with computer issues and insurance issues and ended with being hung up on by a doctor, but I did get the insurance issues worked out well.

Then dinner.  Then Carus's dance class. And now home.
322_366 11-16-12

And now YAY for vacation!  Let's just ignore the fact that it will be filled with cleaning and backing and taking the kids to the dentist.  Sunday will be a sewing and crafting day with friends, so there's that.

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