28 November 2012



Monday stunk and seemed to drag on forever.  All of the sudden it was bedtime and I realized I didn't have my photo yet - Good thing Leia went to bed with me.

332_366 11-26-12


Last night, I went with some friends to see Breaking Dawn part 2.  I enjoyed it, like I've enjoyed the rest of the series.  No, they aren't the greatest movies, and I'm not a huge fan of Kristin Stewart, but I still enjoyed them.  I was going to get a picture at the movie theater, but forgot so you get my ticket stub.

333_366 11-27-12

I've been super lazy with my photos this week using my cell phone and getting last minute shots and I'm using the explanation of my butt/hip still hurts.  I woke Monday still sore, but feeling better - and that lasted for about 4 hours of my shift.  And yesterday wasn't any better.

There is still no bruising, but the swelling is getting worse.  I'm under the opinion that if I can walk, nothing is broke.  Robert doesn't agree and thinks I might have actually broke a little something and wants me to go to the doctor.  I don't know what I'll do...

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