25 November 2012

End of my vacation.

330:366 11/24/12

I spent the day relaxing and recuperating from falling off a horse.  For dinner I used turkey leftovers to make turkey pot pies with garlic herb crust.  They weren't favorites, but I have ideas to make them better for next time.

330_366 11-24-12

331:366 11/25/12

The sun came out today and we worked on the yard a bit.  Robert and Adam did poo duty and raked up leaves and Carus and I pulled weeds in the garden and planted garlic.

I then worked on laundry, made cookies and canned turkey stock.  Timmy is now helping me relax by stealing my heating pad.  I'm still so very sore, but getting up and down are getting easier.

331_366 11-25-12

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