29 November 2012



X-ray machine x-raying my hip.

334_366 11-28-12

To appease Robert's insistence that I needed to go to the doctor I called the advice nurse thinking she'd agree with me - that nothing was broken and would eventually get better.  However, the advice nurse agreed with Robert; I needed to be seen. She also didn't want me putting any weight on my right leg, or driving myself.  I did both though, carefully.

A short visit and a couple x-rays later, I don't have any fractures (told you so Robert).  He said it is probably a contusion and maybe some muscle strain.

I got to look at my x-rays with the doctor. I love looking at x-rays; they are so interesting.  There was a line in my ischium that the doctor seemed a little concerned about, but since it didn't extend to the edge of the bone he didn't think it was a fracture.

I did get a prescription for pain meds, which is helping so much more than ibuprofen.

Reminder to self: When banged up that bad go get pain pills, they help.

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