03 October 2012


Carus doing her homework, well except for stopping to smile for a picture.  She has been asking me to braid her hair at night lately, she likes how crimpy it makes her hair.

278_366 10-03-12

I'm being a bit lazy with my 366 and using my phone more and more.

It's just so easy, and always near me.  I'm not feeling really inspired for my big camera.  I probably should do something about that.


I had an interesting morning.

I have been house, dog, cat, and chicken sitting for a neighbor this week, and when Carus and I went over this morning to check on the animals and feed them breakfast Carus found a dead opossum next to the chicken coop.  No, it wasn't playing possum.

It wasn't that big, so probably a baby. I've never seen on in real life except as road kill (man, aren't I cheerful) but I still imagine they are a bit larger than a squirrel, which is what size this one was.  It looked like it had been slobbered on really well.

Carus thought it was beyond cool to find a dead rodent, and also unfortunate because "they are so cute".  I find them a bit creepy, not sure why. I'm a fan of all animals, at least to some degree, but opossums are not on my cute and cuddly list.

And then I got to clean up a dead animal.

The opossum didn't get his/her chicken or egg dinner so... Good dogs!

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