31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!


Still wowed by the view.  I was in the kitchen getting my lunch and turned around, and boom.  The rain seemed to intensify the colors and make everything pop. Add in Simba's outline as he monitored the neighborhood or scouted for lunch and I just have to smile.

305_366 10-30-12

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My trick-or-treaters.  Carus was a vampire, Leia a football player, and Yoda wore his "Too cute to be Scary" shirt.  We went to downtown Forest Grove to TOT the businesses and check out the little party with activities for the kids that the college students were putting on (I love my town!) and then came back home to TOT the neighborhood.  While it had been pouring ALL day, it stopped raining while we were out save a few light sprinkles, and it wasn't cold out either.

Carus's school gave the students little boxes from Unicef and asked them to do a little fundraising while they were out this evening.  Carus remembered her and she dutifully sang, "trick-or-treat, and for Unicef too."  I wasn't expecting a lot of people to contribute and figured I'd have to pull out some change for her, but almost every single house paused to pull change out of their pockets or step away to grab wallets or purses and she received more paper money than coins.  She can be shy, but she didn't let that hold her back and I'm proud of her.  When we got home I opened the box curious to see how much she raised, and then added a bit of change from my wallet to make it an even $22.  Not much, but will provide some drinking water or vaccines or education for some needy children and that is much.  (That sentence contains a link to videos of children helped by Unicef.)

306_366 10-31-12

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  1. Awesome Picture looking out your window, Great Job Carus for you help for Unicef. You look great in your costume. Thanks for sharing B.V.


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