22 October 2012

Grandma Pat

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Robert's Grandma Pat passed away early Sunday morning.  She had been sick and in pain for some time so her passing is a release from that pain.

Grandma Pat was a very sweet woman who I would have liked to spend more time with, especially to hear her stories.  She grew up in England and fought in World War II.

She helped raise Robert and some of his greatest childhood memories are of RVing up and down the west coast with Grandpa and Grandma Pat.  He loves to tell stories about where they went and what they did, and I love hearing them; even if I've heard them a million times before.  

I would love to have our own RV trip - maybe even someday with our own grandkids.

She was an avid knitter and along with the yearly sweater for the kids, there have been stuffed toys, Christmas pot holders, a Christmas blanket from our first Christmas as a couple with our anniversary date on it, and Robert's cherished "R" blanket she knit him.  That blanket is so heavy that we can only use it (unfortunately) during the winter and I nearly broke a couple washing machines washing it.

Rest in peace Grandma Pat, you will be missed.

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  1. She was a wonderful Grandma to Robert. She would be so proud that you wrote this. Thank you. B.V.


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