11 October 2012

A little tree

286_366 10-11-12
When driving home, I come around a corner and the road lines up perfectly with this little dip in a hill in the range separating me from the ocean.

In this dip is a lone tree.  It stands out and catches my eye every time I drive that road, in that direction.  As the sun sets, this tree is illuminated and seems to draw me in more.

It is alone.  But yet it still seems strong.  As if because of the fact that it stands alone, it is stronger than the other trees.

It's almost as if it is my beacon home.

Tonight, while trying to capture the tree and not standing in the middle of a busy highway, I found a sweet spot on my street where I can see "my" tree.  The slight shift put the sun directly behind it instead of just off to the side - all the better for me.

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  1. Great picture and i love this story, You are so good at this. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day, When are you going to start writing a book? Im sure everyone that reads this will agree. "You have a gift!! B.V.


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