27 October 2012

Running low on inspiration

I did my usual grocery shopping today and took the whole family, and was reminded once again how much I don't like grocery shopping with Robert.  He doesn't like doing it so he treats it like a race, which annoys me on good days, but especially today because of my gimpiness.  My foot is doing loads better today, but I'm still can't fully walk on it and I'm limping, so I borrowed Robert's walking cast boot he got from his leg surgery to help my foot.  Long story short, being rushed through the grocery store had me really annoyed.

Then we had a movie night and watched Terminator with the kids.  Wow, the special effects from 1984. And the hair! Wow.  The machine war in the movie took place in 2029, so not long now. HA!

302_366 10-27-12

Anyhoo - I'm running low on inspiration and ended up photographing my Scotty Dog salt and pepper shakers.  I have a very small salt and pepper shaker collection going on with a set of houses, another dog set, some pugs, and some that match my plates.

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