16 October 2012



Football practice pickup duty = reading time. I've finished the Inheritance series, which I enjoyed very much.  Adam is happy that I can now discuss the books with him, though I'd probably have to read them a few (hundred) more times to know as much as he does about them.

But for now I'm re-reading Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.  Diana posts excerpts (posted under the hashtag #dailylines on Facebook and Twitter) from the book she is currently working on, often of book #8 in the Outlander series, Written In My Own Heart's Blood (also known as MOBY).  I enjoy these little bits and they help (and don't help) with my excitement over the book which isn't due out until 2013 at best.  However, there are a few times when I've been confused over something revealed in them.  Which is why I've decided to re-read the series to refresh it in my head and hopefully clear up a few things.

Football pickup duty = reading time. Re-reading Outlander series.

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