02 October 2012


Today started out crappy, but ended well.

I was woken around 4 am by my bladder and when I went to get out of bed I got one of those excruciating cramps in my calf.  While I was trying to massage the cramp out Timmy decided since I was moving that meant I could get him food and started meowing at me, Yoda decided that I could pick him up and put him on the bed and was trying to jump in my lap, and Leia decided that I could let her out and was pacing.  And I still had to pee.

When I was finally able to hobble into the bathroom I started having an asthma attack (I was breathing fine, but not getting enough oxygen).  That quickly bloomed into a bit of a panic attack (because not being able to breathe is something to panic about) and my attempts to not wake Robert were tossed out the window.  He went and got me an inhaler, and I shakily went back to bed.  Of course, after I let the dogs out and fed the cat.

The last couple hours of sleep weren't really sleep and I was a bit zombie-ish during the morning routines.  Lunches got made, the kids got off to school, dinner got put in the crockpot and I got to work.  It took until about mid morning for the zombieness to wear off and the inhaler puffs to fully kick in, and thankfully I got off early.

I took off early today to go to one of Adam's football games.  It was an away game in a town about 30 minutes from here.  They lost, which I think has a lot to do with psyching themselves out, but it was still a fun game to watch.

And this afternoon was just gorgeous!  It's nice to be able to spend a nice fall afternoon outside in the sun.

277_366 10-02-12

Adam is center (with his hand on the ball) here.
10-02-12 (104)

Adam is not in this one, but I like it.
10-02-12 (145)

You can't see Adam's number in this one.  He's the white jersey in front of number 92.
10-02-12 (156)

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