29 October 2012

Wowed by fall

First off (unrelated to my 366 photo for the day) I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my oldest baby brother, Bud.  I miss you!


While working I try to get up every few reports and walk around a bit.  Sitting at my computer 8 hours a day can be hard.  I don't get much walking done, but the "lap" around the house, occasionally switching laundry over, does help a little bit.  I was walking by the front window this morning shortly after sunrise and was wowed by all the fall color being lit up by the sun peaking through the clouds.  It poured all weekend, and it was forecasted to continue into most of this week so I wasn't expecting to see the sun until late Thursday or Friday if I was lucky.  It was a very nice surprise.  I grabbed my phone and used Instagram to upload a quick shot to the internets.

When it started to look like I wasn't going to get a picture of anything else today, and the sun was still out (why does it not rain on a Monday when I'm stuck inside working?) I grabbed my camera; but none of those images were as good as the phone one from this morning.  The light was just too perfect.

Damn, Oregon. You're doing fall right!

304_366 10-29-12

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  1. Your so right, WOW! Picture perfect. Thanks.


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