23 October 2012

A distant view

Oooh, with a title like that I wish I had something incredibly profound and enlightening to write about. But I don't.

I've had a headache all day, which is from the cold that will not go away, yet doesn't fully develop.  Also from dog 1 (Yoda) who snored ALL.NIGHT.LONG and dog 2 (Leia) who nudged me awake the probably 5 times I did get Yoda to stop snoring and nodded off to have me let her outside. Again. Sometimes the dark scares her and she can't pee if I'm not out there with her and with temps in the 30s at night I'm not standing outside at 2 a.m. Or 3, or 4... etc.

Also not that profound is my 366 for the day.

Behold, the distant view from my front window, above all the rooftops of houses on the street.

298_366 10-23-12

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