04 October 2012


279_366 10-04-12

It's not quite what I had in mind when I took the photo, but I like it and I'm done playing with the photo tonight.

Hopefully I will have time (HA!) really soon to play with this photo and all the others I have just waiting for me.  Le sigh.

Carus isn't feeling too well.  She is coughing and cranky.  She was sent to bed early tonight, but she has been up several times to refill her water bottle, complain about the coughing, for one last potty trip, etc etc.  I have given her cough medicine and sore throat spray and hopefully she'll feel better in the morning.

She doesn't want to miss school at all this year, but especially tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the Fund Run, a fundraising run the school does where the kids get run the track and then get pledges for money per lap run, or a flat amount.

Plus, tomorrow is also band and dance day.  If she misses school, she misses band and dance.

I forgot to say - Carus decided on an instrument in band.  She had thought she wanted to clarinet, but decided on flute.  She was wanting to give up on it Wednesday though.  She hasn't been able to get sound out of it...yet.  We looked up some tips and technique videos on Youtube and she will try again next band.  The band teacher will get around to helping her too, but I think there are like 20-30 kids just starting band so it takes him a bit to make the rounds to all the kids.


  1. Hey, This is really good. Carus is so grown up. Thanks for sharing B.

  2. Hey Rebecca, I love that picture.



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